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Effects Lighting

High school prom? Wedding reception? Halloween party? We have many types of effect lighting for any occasion. Please contact us for specific information or availability on these lights.

ETC Source Four
Altman UV250
Martin Magic Moon
Police Beacon

Strobe Lights

We offer many types of strobe lights, from hanging Star Strobes to Strobe Cannons, many of which can be controlled remotely (DMX). We will be happy to work with you in choosing the right strobe light for your production.

35 Watt Strobe

Martin Atomic 3000 DMX Strobe

Diversitronics S50

Strobe Cannon

DK2000 Strobe Dome

Star Strobe

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Rain Lights (Par 36)

Rain Lights are ideal for use with mirrorballs. Their very narrow beam is also a neat effect if used in fog or haze.

Martin Moon Magic

The Magic Moon presents flower beams which are bounced off reflecting rotating mirrors that produce several different colored beams at the same time. The moving mirrors are triggered by the internal microphone. Up to 80 different colored beams are projected at the same time!

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Police Beacon

Our beacons have two PAR 36 lamps rotating inside an interchangeable color dome. We offer red, blue, green, amber, and clear domes.

(Rotating beacons plug into a standard 120 volt outlet.)

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The Astrobeam is a Rain Light equipped with a colorful cap that projects different colors in various directions.

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