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Rental Props

The following is just a sample of what we have to offer you. As it is nearly impossible to list all of our props in our expansive inventory, please call us. We also offer individual props and set pieces available for rent, for a select number of popular shows.

Grease Prop Car
Grease Car
We have for rent a unique prop car for the show Grease!
Our 'Greased Lightnin’, prop car is a 3/4 scale replica of a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air Convertible. It measures 148" long by 55" wide by 48" tall. Due to its size and weight of 750 lbs., delivery and pickup is performed by our staff only.
The features are easily removable - front grill and driver's side trim, and hub caps. The front & rear bumpers are integrated steps, to dance on the car. The car has an onboard rechargeable battery, to power the horn and to illuminate the headlights.

To schedule an appointment to view it in person, please contact us.
> Get more Info about renting our Grease Prop Car
      • Furniture

  • King's Chair King's Chair
    King's Chair
  • Queen's Chair Queen's Chair
    Queen's Chair
  • Red Velvet Chair Red Velvet Chair
    Red Velvet Chair
  • Ice Cream Soda Chair Ice Cream Soda Chair
    Ice Cream Soda Chair
  • Curved Bench Curved Bench
    Curved Bench
  • Park Bench Park Bench
    Park Bench
      • Architectural Elements

  • Balustrade Balustrade
  • Brick Mantle Brick Mantle
    Brick Mantle
  • Chandelier Chandelier
  • Well Well

  • Streetlight
  • Columns Columns
      • Scenery

  • Banana Tree Banana Tree
    Banana Tree
  • Totem Totem
  • Palm Tree Palm Tree
    Palm Tree
  • Egyptian Mummy Egyptian Mummy
    Egyptian Mummy
  • Sarcophagus Sarcophagus
  • Cacti Cacti

  • Traffic Light
  • Stumps Stumps
  • Buckets Buckets
  • Flower Cart Flower Cart
    Flower Cart
  • Flower Cart Flower Cart
    Flower Cart
      • Fire Effects

  • Campfire 1 Campfire 1
    Campfire 1
  • Campfire 2 Campfire 2
    Campfire 2
  • Le Flame Bowl Fire Effect Le Flame Bowl Fire Effect
    Le Flame Bowl Fire Effect
  • Le_Flame_Post_Mount Le_Flame_Post_Mount
    Le Flame Post Mount
      • Our fire effects have "live" animated flames and are very realistic.
      • Our columns are light-weight and durable rotational molded plastic. Available heights are 8 ft, 40”, 30” & 20” tall. We also offer a variety of End Caps and Urns that can assist you in decorating your special events.
      • This large totem pole comes in two sections, the upper section is pictured here. When fully assembled it is 9” 10” Tall and 30” in Diameter, and 95 lbs. This can not be shipped on common carrier, local pickup and delivery only.
      • Our street lamps are very popular props, fully-functional and made of durable rotational molded plastic. It is illuminated with a soft white light bulb, which is included for realistic glow.