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Schell Scenic Studio offers our customers a wide variety of special effect equipment. We can help you create any sort of atmosphere, from a spooky dense fog to a disco party with mirror balls and bubbles. Please contact us for help on your specific application- we can help you choose the best equipment for your event.

MBT Bubble Machine

The MBT Bubble Machine provides a small amount of bubbles to your production. The spinning wand wheel picks up the fluid and the fan blows out the bubbles.

Le Maitre Bubble Master 2000

The Bubble Master 2000 is the first device capable of projecting enormous quantities of bubbles into the atmosphere. The Bubble Master 2000 is equipped with high power fans that are controlled from the dockable digital remote. The fans are also variable speed control allowing the user as much flexibility as possible for controlling the bubble output. The remote can also be undocked from the machine and located up to 150′ with standard DMX cable.

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