AC Lighting

* A.C. Lighting Inc. is a value added distributor of stage, studio and event lighting, accessories and consumables.
With distribution in North America, the company is able to supply a wide-range of world class products including Jands, Chroma-Q, Prolyte, ArKaos and LedGo, to meet the specific needs of the live entertainment, corporate A/V, worship, theatre and architectural markets.
Our in-house manufacturing facilities provide a complete one stop service to meet all of your lighting needs.


  • Cascade
  • Cascade Brochure
  • M-5 Plus
  • M-5 Plus Brochure
  • M8 Lite Plus
  • M8 Lite Plus Brochure
  • Plus
  • Plus Brochure
  • Universal
  • Universal Brochure

A family tradition of serving the theatre community since 1904.

We look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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