Stage lighting accessories are components manufactured for conventional (non-automated) stage lighting instruments. Most conventional fixtures are designed to accept a number of different accessories designed to assist in the modification of the output.

All stage lighting accessories fall into one of three distinct categories: components installed inside the fixture, components affixed to the front of the fixture (in front of the lens), or components mounted elsewhere on the exterior of a fixture (to the side, top or bottom).

Chroma Q Color Scroller

We offer the Chroma Q for customers who wish to use multiple colors on one instrument. With the Chroma Q you can scroll continuously at variable speeds, or even stop between gels for split color combinations. Extremely quick and reliable, the gel string can speed from end to end in a mere 3 seconds. We offer our Chroma Q with these 16 colors (in order):

For operations manual please click here

Barn Doors

Used to control the spill and concentration of lighting on a set, barn doors come in different sizes and configurations to fit most conventional fixtures and PAR lights. They are equipped with an adjustable mounting ring and two or four doors that can be swung in or out of the path of the fixture.

Gobo Rotators

Gobo rotators are designed to add motion to any gobo in any fixture that can accept the rotator, usually conventional lights. They can add a spark of life and action to a static scene, or just move stars across a stage, creating the illusion of passage of time.

Rosco Single Gobo Rotator

For the ROSCO Gobo Rotator Manual, click here

GAM Twin Spin Double Gobo Rotator

For the GAM TwinSpin Rotator Manual, click here

GAM SX4© 6-Gobo Rotator

GAM SX4© adapts onto a Source 4 ellipsoidal spotlight and converts it into a high performance scenic projector capable of creating many special effects.

The 6-Gobo Tray version offers the flexibility to load your Source 4 with six (6) different M-size gobos. This allows you great flexibility in using one fixture to cover a variety of projection needs.

The unit requires DMX-512 data via a standard power supply, and is compatible with most color-changer power supplies, Cables inter connect via 4-pin XLR from a power supply. Each unit can be addressed individually using rotary switches.

Please refer to the following links for installation and operating manuals:

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