Borderlights are used to create general washes of colored light on the stage, and to light backdrops, scrims, and cycs from the top and/or bottom. They are also used along the bottom of a backdrop to create sunset effects. Fixtures are constructed as a row of lamps and reflectors in a single housing wired on 3 or 4 circuits. Stock sizes are usually 6 ft. to 8 ft. in length.

Altman R40 Borderlight

The R40 borderlight is a multi-lamp, compartmented striplighting luminary designed for use as a general wash of light.

The R40 borderlight is 6′ long with 12 cells and three circuits. The luminary can be used as a toning/fill light or for cyclorama lighting from both top and bottom.

This fixture can be lamped with 150 watt R40 lamps (600 watts per circuit) or 300 watt R40 lamps (1200 watts per circuit).

For technical specifications or photometrics, please click here.

L&S Mini-Strip Borderlight #6560

The Zip Strip is a UL listed multi-lamp striplight using a wide range of 12 volt MR-16 tungsten halogen lamps. This luminary is manufactured of die-cast, extruded and sheet aluminum.

The Zip Strip Borderlight is 8′ long with 20 cells and 4 circuits. Spring loaded lamp holders with push-on sockets provide secure positioning of the lamps to hold them in place while touring. This narrow luminary allows it to be used on closely spaced battens or in tight spaces where a general wash of light from the top, side or bottom is desired.

This fixture is lamped with 75 watt MR-16 lamps (750 watts per circuit)

For technical specifications or photometrics, please click here.

Altman ZipStrip Borderlight

L&E’s Mini-Strip™ has been referred to as the Rolls Royce™ of MR-16 striplights. You can use the UL edition of our popular Mini-Strip™ to do more than you did with the original. Now you can use them in even tighter spaces than before – they have the smallest cross section available in a MR-16 strip. You’ll also find them more convenient to use with front mounted indicator lights, double color frame holders, large hinged access doors, and lampholders mounted with top-access screws.

We offer these borderlights for rental with the following:

30 EYC 75w Lamps, 3 CCT, 6 foot units
30 EXN 50w Lamps, 3 CCT, 6 foot units

All unit include Color Frames, Floor Trunnions, Hanging Hardware and Safety Cables.

For technical specifications or photometrics, please click here.

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