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Conventional Consoles

We can help you spec the right control and dimming set for your production. We are able to provide the most simple, straight forward system or a complex moving light rig. Click below for more information.

Dove Systems IQ 192

The Dove IQ 192 is a small one scene twelve channel DMX console.  Presets can be patched and the onboard memory allows the user to set up his or her next look in advance.

Leprecon LP-255

The Leprecon LP-255 is a small one scene Cinch Jones controller. The unit can control twelve channels. Bump buttons and a built in chase mode allows the user to easily add accents to the lighting

Leprecon LP-612

The Leprecon LP-612 is a small console with Cinch Jones and DMX controller. In two scene preset mode, the console can control twelve channels. In single scene mode the unit can control twenty four channels. Presets can be created through soft patching the console and cues can be previewed before bringing them up on stage. Bump buttons and a built in chase mode allows the user to easily add accents to the lighting.

Leprecon LP-1524 LP-1548

The Leprecon LP-1524 is a larger version of the Leprecon LP-612. It features twenty-four fader channels and  a “Go” button for cues.

The Leprecon LP-1548 is also a larger version of the Leprecon LP-612. It features forty-eight fader channels and a “Go” button for cues.

Leprecon LP-2000 72 Channel Cue Plus

The Leprecon LP-2000 is a large seventy-two channel console with twenty-four preset faders. It can handle up to 1000 cues and has comprehensive manual or automated Color Changer control. Soft-patching and cue scripting is possible as well on this Cinch Jones / DMX console.

GAM Access 48/96

The GAM Access is a full featured DMX memory console. It can control up to 48 or 96 channels and 104 or 232 cues. The Access 48/96 can soft patch up to 256 dimmers and has memory card backup.

GAM Access Pro

The GAM Access Pro is an expanded version of the Access 48/96. The Access Pro adds 96 programmable Scenemasters, more power, and more flexibility.

ETC Microvision FX

The ETC Microvision FX is a powerful DMX memory console.  The unit allows for up to 125 control channels and 200 cues per show.  You can save your show to a 3.5″ disk and each disk can hold five different shows.  Five pages of six submasters give you instant hands on control.

ETC Expression

ETC Expression is a powerful full functioning DMX memory console. The unit allows for up to 250 control channels and 400 cues per show which can be stored on a 3.5″ disk. Two pages of 24 submasters give you instant hands on control.

ETC Express 48/96

The ETC Express combines sophisticated programmability with a easy to use interface. This desk includes an X/Y touchpad for channel intensity or for moving light control, 48 physical channels in 2 scene mode, and 96 channels in preset mode. 600 cues, 10 pages of 24 submasters, 192 total channels, and two DMX outputs (1,024 dimmers).

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