LED Fixtures

LED Fixtures

We offer a growing selection of LED lighting instruments for your production. If you need any help in selecting the right instrument for your specific application, feel free to ask us.

LED Ellipsoidals

Strong Neeva RGB

Neeva is a LED profile spotlight. Rather than using an incandescent lamp, a dimmer and a color filter to create lighting levels and moods Neeva is directly DMX controllable to create a wide range of lighting levels and moods.

The Neeva is the newest generation LED luminaire that produces a hard edge beam that can be focused, framed, and have gobos introduced into the optical path.

The Neeva uses B-size gobos. We have a limited supply of B-size gobos for use with this unit.

For the NEEVA spec sheet click Here.

For the NEEVA operating manual click Here.

LED Pars

A parabolic aluminized reflector lamp (also PAR light, PAR can, or simply PAR) is a type of electric lamp that is widely used in theatrical illumination. The lamps and their fixtures are widely used in theatre, concerts and motion picture production when a substantial amount of flat lighting is required for a scene.

The term LED Par cans is sort of misleading as the “Par” part doesn’t have anything to do with a parabolic reflector as it does in a traditional par can. The reason they are referred to in this fashion is that using par cans as a wash light of color is what these LED units do really well at replacing. The glorious part is being able to easily change color without having to change the gel, let alone the electrical savings cost.

Stage PAR LED 36x3w RGB IP-20

This 36x3W LED 6 Channel RGB Stage Light with DMX-512 Control is a perfect choice for all kinds of stage, party, and decoration lighting. It is used for Club, DJ shows, Home parties, Ballroom, Bands, Show bars and more. It uses the latest LED technology, Adopt 36(red 12 + green 12 + blue 12), each 3w high power Top grade LEDS, high brightness and low power consumption, and bright colors.

With standard DMX-512 control, 6 channels, red, green, and blue can be independently dimmed. Numerous color effects can be addressed. Its bright light can be changed automatically according to your settings, and it also enables various visual patterns such as gradient color and strobe with adjustable speed.

This Stage Par LED fixture creates complicated illumination effects for a romantic atmosphere.

For a spec sheet detailing programming Stage Par LED, click here.

Flat PAR LED 18x3w RGB IP20

If you are used to the classic shape of PAR headlights, you will be surprised to find this version with slender design and low weight, easily to transport and flexible to use.

Compared with common light bulbs, the LED Flat Pars are two to three times more efficient. They are extremely durable, consume very little energy and are the perfect choice. Discotheques, events, light shows – these are only some of the locations where LED Flat Parsare a typical choice.

LED Flat Pars do not burn out. After many years, their brightness might decrease, but you will probably not see the day when they finally go out. Another advantage of the LED Flat Pars is that they release very little heat and can safely be placed within scenery and drapes.

For a spec sheet detailing programming LED Flat Pars, click here.

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