Scoops produce a very diffuse, soft-edged beam of light. Scoops are ideal fixtures for color blending and creating smooth, even washes of light. These fixtures are used in theatre, television, and photographic studios as a floodlight, remote fill light, or a cyclorama fixture.

Altman 14" Scoops

Lightweight multi-purpose reflector floodlights, our scoops produce a very diffused soft-edged beam. The 14″ focusing scoop produces a beam diameter of 15 feet at a distance of 7.5 feet, and the 14″ non-focusing scoop produces a beam diameter that varies from 13.5 to 20.7 feet at the same distance. Both lights are designed to operate high color temperature tungsten halogen lamps, as well as standard incandescent lamps.

These fixtures are used in theatre and television as both a flood light and a cyclorama fixture. Other uses include photographic and television remote fill light. The scoop is an ideal fixture for color blending and for creating smooth even washes of light.

This fixture uses an EGK 1000 watt lamp. We offer both focusing and non focusing Scoops.

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