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Schell Scenic Studio offers our customers a wide variety of special effect equipment. We can help you create any sort of atmosphere, from a spooky dense fog to a disco party with mirror balls and bubbles. Please contact us for help on your specific application- we can help you choose the best equipment for your event.

Reel EFX RE Fan

The RE Fan has been designed and manufactured by Hollywood special effects experts. Its easy to ship, store and set-up. The air chamber is a molded venturi shape, which focuses the wind. This fan is another great tool for focusing fog or haze, or for simply creating a windy effect.

Le Maitre Zephyr Fan

Simply place the Zephyr Fan beneath any of our fog or haze machines for an added control of fog placement. The Zephyr Fan has an infinitely controllable fan speed and an adjustable deflector for total control.

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Floor Fan

Our Floor Fan is ideal for controlling fog output from one of our low-lying fog machines. It plugs into any standard (edison) wall outlet and is made of durable plastic.

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