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Schell Scenic Studio offers our customers a wide variety of special effect equipment. We can help you create any sort of atmosphere, from a spooky dense fog to a disco party with mirror balls and bubbles. Please contact us for help on your specific application- we can help you choose the best equipment for your event.

CITC Little Blizzard Snow Maker

Now you can control the perfect size snowflakes and have them float (not fall like rain drops or clumps of foam) until they evaporate. What a big difference! When used as directed, Little Blizzard® Snow Fluid leaves no residue or mess to clean up. The snow gently floats longer than ever to create the magic of a full auditorium, yet evaporates magically as soon as it touches anything.

The Little Blizzard® SP/DMX is whisper quiet and is high quality, industry standard – can run continuously without overheating. It has a flake size adjustment paddle, two-speed motor, remote control and DMX on-board. Full digital volume control adds precision to DMX or remote control with 25′ cord (7.62m). The round opening increases output 20%.

A family tradition of serving the theatre community since 1904.

We look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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